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Utilizing Emojis to display icons in a Model-Driven App’s Grid Layout

When building model driven apps in power apps, your mostly limited to displaying text in a grid. Using optionset labels and HTML Emojis, you can display icons in grids and sub grids inside a model driven app.

Displaying an emoji is fairly straightforward. To do so, create an option list and modify the label. Copy the emoji you wish to display and paste it into the label of the corresponding option. Save the option set, and you’re all set! The HTML emoji will now be visible in grids, subgrids, and even dropdowns.

CTRL-C CTRL-V the emoji of choice
CTRL-C CTRL-V the emoji of choice
CTRL-V the emoji to the choice label
Emoji will be displayed in the grid

What if i want to display my own icons?

Currently, you are quite limited when it comes to displaying icons within a grid using low-code tools alone. An alternative to showcase your own icons is by utilizing the Grid Customization PCF. This approach necessitates a basic understanding of PCF and although the API has certain limitations, it gets the job done.

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